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Three Cards In case you lose one!

Store one of the cards in your car, one in your purse/wallet, and one at your house. This will allow you to have easy access to a card whenever you made need one.

Made of a Durable plastic

Don't worry about ripping the card or breaking it. It's made of a pretty durable plastic that allows it to take a beating in a purse or wallet.Β 

The same size as a credit card!

Our PTSD assistance card is roughly the same size as a credit card, making it fit easily into most credit card designed accessories!

Love them. I would recommend them to anybody that has post-traumatic stress disorder to carry on.


Arrived quick. I really like this because both my husband and myself have PTSD. This card now sits next to my driver's license


I really needed these! The information on them is clear and to the point